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Question: “I have an example sentence in the West African language of Gungbe (Kwa family) in my thesis, and it involves a symbol like a backwards c with an acute accent above it. I can't find it amongst the symbols in Word - I don't suppose you have any leads for how I can reproduce such a symbol?”

Answer: This one: ɔ́? It's a combined sign. Type (in Word) “0254” and press “Alt+c”. Repeat for “0301”.


Question: “I was wondering if I could prevail on your diacritical expertise once again? (you will get a thank-you in my hopefully-soon-to-be-completed thesis). I'm looking for a character much like the ɔ́ of last time, but with the accent going in the other direction (top left to bottom right). Any help would be much appreciated!

Answer: Almost the same. Type “0254” and press Alt+c. Repeat for “0300” → ɔ̀


Question: [Word X] Why entered Czech special characters appear in a different font (normal text: Times, special characters: Geneva CE)? When trying to bring the characters to Times, the SC disappear.

Answer: CE means Central European (vulgo Eastern Europe). Because you do not seem to have Times CE” installed, your Mac makes do with Geneva CE (see → character typed in wrong face [German]). Word X does not supportUnicode.


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